Mathieu Functions

Click here for the pdf file of the article "Accurate calculation of
the modified Mathieu functions of integer order," Quart. Appl.
Math. 65, 1-23 (2007). [Note that the trigonometric terms on
the right hand side of equation (10) in this article are inaccurate
and should be cos(rθ) and sin(rθ) as in equation (9). The value
for θ can be obtained using the expressions for cos θ and sin θ
given in the text above equation (10).] 

Click here for the source code matfcn.for

Click here for the subroutine source code for matfcn.for

You can move this .txt file to your computer as follows. First click on
the edit button on your browser menu bar and select "select all".
Now click again on the edit button and select "copy". Now start your
Fortran developer program, click on file and select new. Choose
.for as the file type. When the new file template appears, click on
edit and then select "paste". The source code matfcn.for should
now appear as the body of the new file. Please note that a new
version 1.04 is provided.

Click here for a sample input file matfcn.dat

Click here for the output file fort.20 giving the radial function values

Click here for the output file fort.30 giving the angular function values

Click here for a description of the changes to matfcn in version 1.04